Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our Love Story: The Wedding!

If you missed the story of how we met and our engagement you can read them here and here.

 Before I talk about our wedding here are some pictures that I took for my bridals.  I had to reschedule them twice, once for weather conditions and the second time I got the flu.  We did them in January, I believe, and it was freezing cold, my arms would go numb a little bit and I got used to the cold and continued shooting these beautiful pictures.  I was so happy with how they turned out.

 I want to take a minute and talk about how I found my beautiful dress.  I wanted to have my mom there, of course, and Derek's sisters and sisters-in-law, as well as my best friend and her mom and my cousin who were all part of the wedding party there for when I found my dress.  We all met at David's Bridal in Layton and I tried on dresses.  It was so fun to have everyone there and have them help me pick a dress.  I saw this dress online and instantly fell in love with the red in the train and felt that it was perfect for a Valentines Day wedding and luckily they had it at the store so I was able to try it on.  My mom didn't like it at all at first and wanted me to try other dresses so we picked a couple and I went and tried them on.  I started with my favorite which was the one with red in it.  Everybody loved it and loved that it had the red in it but my mom was still a little hesitant.  So I promised her I would try the other ones.  They were all gorgeous dresses but my heart was still with the red one and my mom later agreed.  I knew from the beginning when I saw it online that that dress was the one that I HAD to have, it just took convincing my mom a little to get it.

Our beautiful wedding day took place on a cold Valentines Day 2009.  It snowed a little bit in the morning but turned into a beautiful day by the afternoon.  We got married in the Salt Lake City Temple fairly early in the morning.  I was actually glad to be married early in the morning because by the time we were done the bridal room inside the Temple was so crazy packed that there was hardly any room to get ready.  The time finally came for my husband to see my beautiful dress, I wish I would have had someone take a picture because he facial expression when he saw was the most precious thing.  He was amazed at how beautiful I looked.

We finished taking pictures at the temple with family and then by ourselves, it snowed a little bit while we were doing pictures and so some of them didn't turn out because we had snow flakes in our faces but most of them turned out great.  After we were finished taking pictures we headed off to our luncheon.  We had it at a local church in Farmington.  The food was delicious but the desert was even better.  We had mint brownies and they were absolutely delicious!  We had quite a break between the luncheon and when we had to be at the reception for pictures so we decided to go back to our apartment that was now OURS and take a "nap", no really we took a nap too lol.

Our reception, held at The Grand Ballroom in Bountiful, was beautiful and full of family and friends that congratulated us on our big day. We were so grateful for the love and support that we had and couldn't have felt more loved.  Our wedding cake was gorgeous!  It was red velvet cake with white cream cheese frosting.  We also had words that pertained to wedding written all over our cake with white frosting then red roses in between layers.  I loved it and it tasted so yummy!  Here are a few pictures taken at our reception of our families.

My Family                                                                                          Derek's Family

Sometimes I wish we could go back to that day and relive it all over again, better yet I wish I could still fit into that dress! One day...

Do you wish you could relive your wedding day?  How did you find your dress?  What was your favorite part about your wedding?