Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Love Story: Part 2 - The Engagment

  If you haven't had a chance to read Part 1 you can read it here.  Okay let's see where we left off.. Oh yeah our first date, after we were done four wheeling Derek rode with me home and I dropped him off at his house.  We had such a great time just talking the whole way home about each other, our likes and dislikes, we even held hands the whole way home.  I was on cloud 9, I had finally met a genuine man who was sweet and kind and seemed interested in me.

Once we got to his house he asked if I had any other plans the rest of the night because he wanted to take me to dinner.  I was supposed to be heading up to Bear Lake to spend the weekend with my family but I thought what is a couple more hours, so I said yes.  He took me to a sushi restaurant in Layton called Osaka.  This was my first time eating sushi ever.  I have this weird thing where I can't handle textures really well, like I don't eat yogurt because I don't like the way it feels in my mouth.  Weird I know.  He tried being sweet and getting me just a starter sushi roll that was the Philadelphia it just had cream cheese, and crab.  Me having my weird texture thing I had a hard time eating the roll.  But I tried to put on a good face and pretend I liked it but inside I was gagging and about to barf.  I didn't eat many rolls after that but still wanted him to think I liked it.  I never told him about this until after we were engaged. Although he took me back after he found out and gave me other rolls and they were delicious! We love sushi, it is one of our favorite dates! We again had a great time talking with each other and I did not want the date to end.  We both agreed that there was definitely something there and that we wanted to continue to our relationship.

I drove up to Bear Lake and spent the weekend with my family telling them all about this man that I had just had a great date with.  They were happy for me that I had met someone that seemed like a great guy.  I had some pretty bad relationships prior that they were not happy with so for me to find someone that was really good to me was a big deal.

A couple weeks later I got a phone call from Derek, he said that he had something to talk to me about.  I was up at school I had just finished my last class for the day and was walking to my car.  I stopped right where I was, nervous that he was going to break up with me, when to my surprise the next words out of his mouth were not what I was expecting.  He said, "what do you think about getting married in February on valentine's day?"  We had been talking about our life together and that we felt marriage was right for us.  I told him that it sounded exciting to me but that I still wanted to wait just a little bit.  I guess I couldn't wait much longer because a month and a half later he was getting ready to ask my parents for permission.

I remember that day when he asked permission from my parents to marry me.  I was working at Hazen Photography and I had told my parents that I was running late from work (when I really wasn't) but that Derek was coming over and if they could keep him company until I get home.  I got a phone call from my mom that Derek was done and that I could come home now.  Crap I got caught, apparently my mom is smarter than I thought! (Just kidding mom, I always knew you were smart.)  They agreed and were excited for us, then it was just a waiting game.

The day finally came! It was a cold November 15th
evening, Derek wanted to take my parents and his parents out to celebrate a promotion that he got at work.  We all went to Biaggi's in Salt Lake, their food is really yummy.  I remember the restaurant being really packed full of people.  Apparently it was either Homecoming or Harvest or some kind of High School dance because there were teenagers all dressed up in fancy ball gowns.  We were directed to a table and we started looking at the menu and deciding what to order.  The conversations that we had were fun and it was nice for our parents to be together.  We received our food and started chowing down.  All of a sudden Derek says he has to go to the bathroom, which I was totally naive and believed him.  The waitress came around and asked how everything was going and then turned to me and said, "I have something I need to show you."  She turns to something covered by a tablecloth right next to our table.  How did I not see this when we were sitting there all night? I guess I was just all excited we were all together, and admiring all the dresses and reminiscing about my high school days.
 Anyways, she pulled of the tablecloth and there on an easel was our character drawing (we went to the state fair on a date and got character drawings of us.) i was looking all over for Derek wondering if he knew this was happening. I turned around in my chair and there he was, behind me on his knee. I said yes, of course, and everyone in the restaurant started clapping and my parents were taking pictures.  It was a great night and I was so happy that both of our parents could be there.

Can I share a little secret? Of course I can, this is my blog. Okay here it is, I actually knew that he was going to propose to me that night. The night before I was in talking to my mom in our computer room. She was showing me some pictures of her friends baby when I started reading through the email. It said something about that my moms friend was excited for me and that my mom had to tell her all about it. I asked my mom what "it" was and she got this worried look and said, "crap you weren't supposed to see that!" She contributed to tell me that Derek was going to purpose tomorrow night and that I had to look surprised. I still was surprised because I had no idea how he was going to do it. I love my mom!

So here is the breakdown of how long we have known each other.  We met in August of 2008, got engaged in November of 2008, and planned to get married Valentines Day, February 14 2009.  Six months in total. It may seem fast but it felt right to us.

Here are some pictures from our Engagement Session.

Tune in next week for details of our wedding! It was such a beautiful day!