Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What a week!

I am sorry for not writing a blog post lately, I am working on Our Love Story: Part 2 but it is taking me longer than I thought and this week has not been an easy week.  Since my husband lost his job a week and a half ago I have been working extra hours to make some extra money to help us survive.  It is definitely hard for me to work extra hours but I am happy to do so for us so that we aren't so stressed about money.

A couple days ago our sweet friends texted us and said they were over at Station Park, a shopping mall in Farmington, and if we wanted to come over. We live just down the road from there so we hopped on our bikes and went over.  It was such a blast to hang out with them and their sweet boy Caden.  He is so cute!  Here are a couple of pictures from our fun evening.

Over at Station Park they have this store called "It Sugar" it is a huge store full of candy.  They have oversized candy like 1 pound Hershey's Bar, huge box of Nerds, and all the candy that you could dream of when you were a kid.
They had these huge gummy bears that were, I believe, 1 pounds 5 pounds (thanks husband) of gummy bear.  It was so big, almost as big as Caden! Can you take a guess on how much that gummy bear is?!  $40!!! Yep you read that right $40 for that gummy bear. 
They had one of the gummy bears out of package so that you can see that it is real.  Look how cute Caden is looking at that huge piece of candy!

This is my cute friend Becca, I love her to death!
They have these cool waterfalls there and every half hour they have a waterfall show and play a song and the waterfalls shoot off to the music.  Caden loves the waterfalls and would dance to them.  This video is of him and his Dad dancing.  Isn't Josh so cute with his boy? He is a great dad.  I know one day my husband will be a great dad just like him.  

Even though my week has been heck, it was sure nice to hang out with great friends and take my mind off of everything.  Now let's just make the week go by faster so we can get to the weekend.  This weekend we are heading off to Las Vegas to support my sister-in-law in a competition and hang out with her cute kids.  I am so excited!!!  I hope everyone is having a great week and if not hopefully it will go by faster so that the weekend can come faster for you!

If you live in Utah have you been to It Sugar in Farmington?   If you don't live in Utah do you have a candy store like this?