Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Welcome to my second week of Weekly Wishes.  I am just loving this idea and all of the support that I get from everyone else who is doing this.  Let's start with a recap of my goals from last week:

* Goal 1: Work out everyday and try to eat healthy:  FAILED!! However, I have made a great start to this week, I worked out this morning and hope to do it every morning.

* Goal 2: I want to work on posting a blog post at least three times this week: COMPLETED!! Yay!

*Goal 3: Reconnect with an old friend:  COMPLETED!! I was able to reconnect with a friend that I pushed away awhile go due to my insecurities.  I was grateful that we could reconnect and I hope we can continue that friendship.

*Goal 4: Smile to anyone I come in contact with and to think positive:  I struggled with this one a little bit this week, it was a tough week but oh well..


This week's goals:

*Goal 1: Work out every morning and be contentious of what I eat and try to eat healthier.  This is not a diet this is a lifestyle change.

*Goal 2:  Study the Book of Mormon every night.

*Goal 3:  Go for a walk every night with my husband.

*Goal 4:  Connect with new bloggers.

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