Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's Nice to Meet You Again!

Hello and welcome to my new blog!  I am so excited to be starting this new blog and share all sorts of wonderful things!  I started blogging about 9 months ago over at Be You. Love You. but about four months ago I got really overwhelmed. I started my original blog with the intention of sharing topics and inspirational messages to help people get through life, and for me to find myself in the world but I got lost in the world of blogging and couldn't find my niche. I also was going through a rough spot in my life where I felt like if I couldn't inspire myself how could I inspire other people?

Lately I have just been feeling like I need a place to talk and ramble and have that community support.  Last week my friend Amberly at Life with Amberly and Joe gave me the inspiration to start again.  I wanted to start this blog to talk about my life and going through the journey of life; the ups and downs and the things I love.  There will be an array of topics some including crafts that I am working on, inspirational messages, more about myself, and many more topics.  I hope you will join me in this journey and feel free to pass the messages and experiences along. Lets begin this wonderful story of my Beautiful (because I need to remind my self that I am), Confused (because I really am), Mess (because I am one heck of a Hot Mess)!

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