Friday, September 20, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday

I wanted to start a new topic on Friday's called Fabulous Finds Friday.  My hope for this blog post is that I can share with you some fabulous things that I find whether it be blog posts from fellow bloggers, something on pinterest, or a news story.  Whatever I find that I stop and think, "wow that is really neat and 'fabulous.'"

So let's begin!

1.  My very talented friend and co-worker, who is my mentor in 
the blogging world, Amberly blogs over at Life with Amberly and Joe posted an awesome new book club that her and To Be Mrs. Collier are starting called The Meaning Full Marriage Book Study.  I think this is such a great idea for two reasons, first you get to read a book that gives you insight and good directions for your marriage.  And second you get to socialize with other cool bloggers who are doing it with you.  It's a win win!  You can click on "The Meaning Full Marriage Book Study" to read more.

2. Jenni over at Story of My Life had this awesome giveaway on her blog for a gift card to an online shop called Hazel and Olive.  I am so glad I came across this site because the clothing is so cute and for an affordable price.  Once my husband finds a job I will be spending some money there! This is ONE of my favorite dresses that I found!  Like I said there are so many cute things on their site.  Take a look!

3.  Sarah M. Dorsey over at Sarah M. Dorsey Design had this awesome tutorial for how to create a wood plaque sign.  She was doing it for the "Show Your State Pride" but you could do this for any thing that you want.  All of her tutorials on her website are so easy and clear and she has great pictures that go with her steps.  She makes you feel like you could accomplish any craft that you want.  Love her blog!

4.  A local television station has a program called Studio 5 that is on air every afternoon. They talk about a variety of topics one topic they had was about living happy and practical ways to live happy.  I hope you will take a minute to watch those videos on their and read about them.  

5.  With Halloween just around the corner I came across this wonderful pin that I think would be very helpful for those wanting to plan a couples party.  Kristen at Capturing Joy with Kristen Burke has some great ideas and lays out a whole party for you.  All you have to do is get the supplies and follow her plan.